Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Passover support message to the enslaved nation of Syria

First of all, I want to express my heartfelt solidarity with the Syrian people on your struggle against tyranny.  You are being subjected to a horrific form of persecution at the hands of the Pharoahs of the Assad regime.  Throughout its tyrannical reign but especially in the past year, this family of Pharoahs has repeatedly demonstrated its total contempt for not only the dignity and humanity of the Syrian people but also the sanctity of human life. 

The regime responded to peaceful demonstrations of unarmed protestors with systematic slaughter, mowing down men, women and children whose only goal was to seek freedom through non-violent and disciplined struggle.  Hapless conscripts were faced with the horrific choice of either firing upon civilians or giving up their own lives, and hundreds of conscripts chose to die rather than murder their own people.  In addition, every Monday military officers have been murdered in prisons for the same reason: they refused to murder innocent civilians. 

The regime has also mowed down mourners during mass funerals for martyrs of the struggle.  The regime has repeatedly bombarded entire sections of cities in Homs, Hama, Daraa, the Damascus suburbs, and Idlib, killing countless civilians.  New mothers have lost the ability to produce breast milk for their babies as a result of the shock of bombardment, thus leading to the deaths of helpless infants.   Some 7,000 civilians have been slaughtered.

In response, the Syrian people have mounted a very valiant struggle against their Pharoahs.  Starting with a  peaceful protest movement, they eventually resorted to force when they realized that non-violent protests were leading to slaughter.  They acted with constant commitment to the sanctity of human life, risking their own lives to send food and medicine to besieged communities.  Their Free Syrian Army (FSA) began its efforts by arming itself to protect civilians during anti-regime demonstrations and then graduating to direct assaults on the military institutions of the regime.  Their doctors attempted to save the lives of injured protesters who faced the risk of being murdered by the security forces.

The Jewish holiday of Passover celebrates the triumph of freedom over tyranny, of dignity and honor over oppression.  The central message of Passover is that all forms of captivity and oppression, including systematic torture, imprisonment, and mass murder by dictators, are morally wrong.  All human beings have the right to resist tyranny and to seek their own freedom and dignity.  The Syrian freedom struggle is clearly in accord with the universal message of Passover because you are promoting life over death, love over hatred, light over darkness, and freedom over slavery.  Syria today presents a rare example of a morally unequivocal struggle between good and evil.    

Unfortunately, the same world which supported the Pharoahs in Egypt over the Jews and the white Southern slavemasters in America over the black slaves is today standing with the Pharoahs in Damascus against the captive people of Syria.  Every single frantic Syrian people’s appeal for help has been met with a hail of indifference from a Western world which is doing everything in its power to support the Assad brand of Pharoahs and nothing to aid the Syrian freedom struggle.   Appeasing the slavemasters in Damascus is higher on the Western agenda than helping the captive nation of Syria gain its freedom. 

Today the imprisoned Syrian people need practical Western help in their struggle against tyranny, not empty words and false promises. They need help to deliver themselves from the Pharoahs who are terrorizing them with mass murder, torture, and imprisonment.  They need military help from NATO – and they are not receiving any support from the citizens and governments of the free world. As they rise up against their oppressors, they are being more ruthlessly suppressed than black slaves who launched uprisings against their Southern white masters in the early 1800’s. 

 By refusing all meaningful forms of help to the Syrian people, the Western world is aiding and abetting the triumph of tyranny and the tragic and unnecessary defeat of freedom in Syria.  You have been abandoned to a tragic fate by a cruel world which condones the destruction of your national dream of freedom.   As the horrific slaughter continues in Syria, I can only express my solidarity with your murdered nation. 

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