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Maikel Nabil's feminist thoughts - a partial compilation

I wrote this article for a American facebook friend of mine who is currently experiencing extreme violence at the hands of her husband, who is being beaten and threatened with death by her partner. I wanted to empower her by showing her how Dr. Maikel Nabil Sanad, a veterinarian, feminist and pacifist political prisoner in Egypt and pro-Israel supporter, has stood up consistently for the rights of women. I wanted her to understand that he would be appalled if he knew what she were going through, that he finds the way men abuse and terrorize women to be outrageous and that he is one of many men who stand shoulder to shoulder with women in their struggle for equality. I write it as a tribute to Maikel for his courageous stance in support of feminism and gender equality.

1. He wrote a fabulous article where he called feminists to task for supporting militarism and also expressed his solidarity with feminists and gender equality December 29, 2010 is the date – it is called Women Take Advantage of Patriarchal Society

His points in this article included the following:

• Feminists claim that men alone are the villains responsible for militarism and bloodshed and killing – but neglect the role that women play in the development of militarism

• He believes women are a key partner in the construction of patriarchal society – he cites as an example that he attended a women’s rights conference in December, 2010 – where the feminist told him that if gender equality meant women would have to enter the army – they don’t want gender equality

• He argues that women have made an implicit bargain with patriarchy – telling men that they will accept exclusion from the political system if in exchange they don’t have to serve in the army

• The radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood have female divisions that call for the destruction of the Jews

He mentions the following forms of male oppression against women

• The chastity belt “(which is simply a kind of male domination on the will of female sexuality” and is means for men to retain control over women’s sexuality when they are away at war for months or years at a time

• “all political regimes at the beginning recognized by only males from the political point, the beginning of democratic Athens…was the vote to all citizens, except slaves, women and children”

• women gaining the right to vote and political representation in modern times reflected the fact that women were entering the workforce and gaining financial independence from men – thus removing the traditional definition of marriage, which he called ‘sex for food’

• “incapacitate women simply by preventing them from going out only minimally -example being parents prevent girls from going on dates outside the house”

• “ And prevent women from going out of the house, is prevented from mixing in society, and thus preventing them from collecting human experience, and de to keep them less experienced guys”

• And that is quite real, all women gained their freedom to get out of the house, and everything and gained social skills, and each managed to economically advance,

• "incapacitate women" …is one of the most important tools continue the family system”

• “prevention of Excellence in Education - making entering a private university or college difficult
• “ prevented from traveling to work, prevented from traveling without her husband's permission, linked to her husband's name on the card ... الخ In summary, the female is necessary to be unable to depart from the social family system

• “Certainly my article is not any kind of defense for any masculine practices…and for… the ways the ruling class tries to remain in power from the exploitation of sex and gender as a means of discrimination”

December 2, 2010

2. Islamic law, rape

Girl raped in front of a thousand people attended her father and forced to return to her home naked ... What is wrong with Islamic civilization and sharia law enforcement?

3. February 4, 2011 – message to Israelis calling for solidarity with Egyptian revolution

I believe that democracy and human rights and women’s rights is basic in Israeli values, and Israeli society which has a democracy from its first day.

4. He mentions in an article on why he supports Israel which was published in the Arabic language Israel Foreign Ministry statement – because they have more rights for women.

5. The article for which he was arrested

Ahmad El-Sobki's testimony, documented by Eng. Wael Nawara (Secretary general of Al-Ghad party)… Ahmad El-Sobki along with 25 other protesters were arrested in Tahrir Square by the military police on February 23rd and tortured by the military through brutal beating and electric shocking in genitals and molesting the women.

C- The incidence of torturing

then the kidnapping of many Christian girls, between them the daughter of the entrepreneur of Omraneyya church,

6. he mentions blasting the Egyptian army for ordering virginity checks on female demonstrators –

7. Statement announcing boycott of his retrial on October 18, 2011-10-30

I was saddened for the militarists’ chasing of the leaderships of the movement and especially my sister and my colleague Sahar Maher (she was arrested for supporting him)

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