Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Noteworthy Excerpts of Testimony from Defecting Syrian Officers

Transcribed on July 6, 2011, by Rebecca Witonsky - from YouTube site of SyrianInterpreter - Air Force Intelligence Officer Abdul Hamid al Abii Defects - June 28, 2011

“I was armed in 2009. Since that date, I have been working for air force intelligence branch in Aleppo…I would report on the citizens in demonstrations in Syria. Then I was ordered by the brigadier general Adeeb Salama who is the head of air force intelligence in Aleppo to follow up the demonstrators in the cities of Kefrenbe and??? And to provide information on the demonstrators. I was also ordered by brigadier general Salih Bisebees and colonel Zuheri Bitar from the same branch to kill Jihad Za’tour, Hassan al Hamra, Bakour al Bakour, Muhammad al Bakour, Mukhlis al Hamoud, Ahmad Sa’diye, & Ayman al Derij from Kafrenbe city and that I reported on. There were assistants Nezir al Khaled and Hassan al Salih from the same branch as witnesses. I saw the killing of five demonstrators with my own eyes in Aleppo city, Seif al Dewle; three Kurds and two Arabs. They were killed in the branch after being arrested. They were buried in a mass grave in Kefer-Hamra north of Aleppo around end of May. Because of this brutal / vicious act, I declare my defection and joining the free demonstrators in Syria - under no pressure - Syria is for the free, not for Assad’s family.”

First Lieutenant Amjad al Hameed Defects, Rastan - June 29, 2011 -
Agidiye tribe/family -
Defected to protest systematic repression and murder in his area - electricity and water cut off, women, children, and old people killed and deported from Rastan - A four year old girl was murdered in Hei al Sana’a - “because security forces shot at her. Bashar al Assad, is this child an ‘infiltrator’? …“he is a shield for Israel and he protected it for 40 year.Him and Nasrallah who says he supports resistance. What is the resistance he supports in Palestine? What has he done for Palestine?" Staff Warrant Officer Mustafa Yihia al As’ad Defects - June 28, 2011 (military intelligence in Aleppo)

"I was an eyewitness on a case of killing a citizen inside Amneh mosque in Aleppo. He was killed before spelling the word ’freedom.’…He was one of the martyrs of the word. Regime’s Shabiha killed him…security elements were there and they thanked them for what they did. I confirm that I didn’t see any armed groups during my work except regime’s Shabiha. From my place here, I call on all the honorable in security branches to face their conscience, and not to stain their hands with the blood of our unarmed people."  - Captain Ayham Yihia Kurdi Defects, July 2, 2011

“The safety of soldiers is their relatives’ responsibility; relatives should not allow their sons to return to their military units after their (military) vacations. I want to thank the Turkish government and the Kuwaiti National Council whose stances outweigh those of all Arab countries."

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