Friday, May 13, 2011

Protesting the hate rally against Israel and the Jews scheduled for Miami, Florida

This article is to register my protest against the rally on Sunday, May 15, 2011, which is scheduled to take place outside the Israeli consulate in Miami, Florida. Thank you to Joseph Sabag, Esq., executive director of the Florida region of the ZOA, for drawing this issue to my attention.  As an American Jewish Zionist and long-time resident of South Florida, I am outraged and sickened to see this beautiful region turned into a venue for a hatefest against Israel and the Jews.

This rally calls for the “Third Intifada” to commence against Israel and the Jews, and not coincidentally it is scheduled for Israeli Independence Day. The organizers of this rally have only one objective in mind: to continue the Arab war against Israel and the Jews which began on a large scale with the massacre of Jews in pre-state Israel in 1929. They are following in the proud footsteps of Haj Amin Al Husseini, the infamous Palestinian Arab leader who organized the uprising in 1936-1939 which killed thousands of moderate Arabs and hundreds of Jews and which led to the imposition of the White Paper by the British government in 1939. After successfully blocking European Jews from fleeing the Holocaust in Nazi Europe into the safety of Palestine, Haj Amin al Husseini spent World War II in Nazi Germany as a personal guest of Adolf Hitler.

This group is also endorsing the 63 year long effort of the Arab world to destroy the Jews which began in 1948 on the very first day of Israel’s existence. They are endorsing the Arab wars of aggression against Israel and the Jews in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973. They are also endorsing Arafat’s PLO / PA terrorist war which started in 2000 and killed over 1,500 Israelis, mostly civilians such as women and children at bar mitzvahs, weddings, Passover seders, and pizza parlors.

The group’s current crop of role models include the thugs and murderers of Bashar Al Assad in Syria and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad in Iran. They are endorsing the Holocaust denial of Ahmedinejad and the terrorist sponsorship of Assad, and they are standing shoulder to shoulder with dictators and murderers who have been openly rejected by their own people. Through their peaceful uprising in 2009, the Iranian people have sent a clear message to the world that they reject the Islamists who are ruling them by means of stolen elections, rape, torture, imprisonment, and murder. In addition, the Syrian people are now rising up peacefully to claim their birthright of freedom against 48 years of Ba’athist tyranny led by the Assads.

So the question to be asked is: Do you stand with Israel and the Jews in creating the first democracy in the Middle East, or do you stand with those tyrants who seek to destroy Israel and the Jews? Do you support the right of Jewish women and children to live in safety, or do you think that murdering Jewish women and children is a good deed? Finally, do you stand with the Iranian and Syrian people in their quest for freedom and dignity, or do you stand with their torturers and murderers?

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Tony Fulford said...

Everyone come to your senses and stand up for Israel. Support and pray for Israel.